37th Annual Centennial Lanes Sweeper Bowling Tournament

Here are the final results for the 37th Annual Sweeper Bowling Tournament.  We had 22 teams compete and we will pay 6 places.

1.  Budweiser                   Norfolk                 5096                  $510.00

2.  Jerry’s Lanes             Creighton             5050                   $340.00

3.  Diediker Constr.     Ponca                      4964                    $225.00

4.  Snake Charmers      Crofton-Wausa   4932               $175.00

5.  Warren Oil                 Columbus              4907  tie          $145.00

5.  Dean’s Scabs             Crofton                   4907  tie           $145.00

Encouraging everyone to go to my Facebook and like it so you can become a fan of Wiebelhaus Recreation.  Just click on the facebook tab on the website home page and click on like.  I would like to thank everyone for their participation this year in the tournament.  We hope to see you all back next year. Thanks again Brian Wiebelhaus


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